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Gay Rights and Marriage Equality

Homosexual IssuesCurrent homosexual issues are central to the gay rights movement as they work towards gaining equal status for LGBT communities within societies.

Legal Issues

Civil unions as well as adoption rights have been issues long debated by the gay community. Being eligible to have equal tax benefits like traditional married couples, as well as the ability of same-sex couples to adopt children, have been two major issues gay communities have been campaigning for. Ending discrimination in the workplace has been another major concern for the homosexual community.

Political Issues

Within the realm of politics, there have been two major issues the homosexual community has been lobbying for: allowing openly gay and lesbian individuals to join the military force as well as legalizing same-sex marriages across states. President Obama’s recent  end to the ”Don’t ask, don’t tell”  policy  allows openly gay and lesbian people to join the military.  However, in terms of same-sex marriages, each state has had different stances on this issue, and so far there is no support at the federal level for any legislative initiative in this matter.  To read more about the  gay marriage debate and gay marriage issues, visit our “Homosexual Marriage” page.

Social Issues

Broad social issues concerning the homosexual community target raising awareness of their specific gender and sexual identity and thus creating more tolerance of homosexual individuals. LGBT centers in many universities host events, invest in the production of scholarships in this field, as well as build awareness on campuses across the nation.

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