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Homosexual Christians

Homosexual ChristiansHomosexuality and Religion

Regardless of the denomination or sect, religions around the world have been known to publicly condemn homosexuality as deviant behavior at a minimum, and as equated to a sinful act at the maximum. Religious belief has also been one of the major causes of homophobia among societies in general. One can see the correlation between more traditional or religious groups and societies and their reluctance to tolerate and include homosexuals within their community.

Most of the active involvement of church members towards the LGBT Christians is in an attempt to reconvert or switch the homosexual community to a “normal” sexual orientation. These practices, although in line with each particular belief concerning spiritual salvation and moral purity, have been deemed as socially dangerous by the American Psychology Association as well as the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Formal religious structures and conservative Christians are supportive of non-profit organizations that protest against the possibility of legalizing same-sex marriages, allowing same-sex couples to adopt children and so on. However, there has been somewhat of a recent openness from liberal Protestant religious groups to allow gay Christians to join their churches.

Homosexual Christians

Within the LGBT community, homosexual Christians are probably the ones most discriminated against, when it comes to exercising their religious belief. As most religious communities are very adamant in finding evidence in their sacred texts against homosexuality, it is less likely that religious groups will follow the social trends of openness towards the LGBT communities.

However, there are a multitude of spiritual support groups that try to accommodate LGBT members’ spiritual needs. The most common religious group known to be very inclusive of the LGBT community is the Metropolitan Community Church that has special rituals to recognize same-sex partnerships. For more information on this specific church you can visit their website.

A constant awareness campaign towards accepting homosexuality has led to more religious organizations and churches welcoming members of the LGBT community among their religious community. Here’s a great resource where you can locate churches (local and international) that accept homosexual individuals within their community.

Another social and religious movement that embraces homosexual individuals among their community is, a place where universal religious values are combined enhanced by the importance of one choosing their own path in life. You can visit their website and learn more about their religious communities.

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